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People in Poverty

Rooted in Jesus’ call for Jubilee – walking alongside both those experiencing poverty and those who make policies and laws in our province.

Jesus announced his mission: "The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, for he has anointed me to preach good news to the poor…."

And what is good news for the poor? Affordable housing, quality relationships, wages that sustain a dignified life, meaningful community, adequate social assistance, a valued voice in society … and much more. In Toronto, Kitchener and Timmins we respond to poverty by walking alongside marginalized people with compassion and caring.

Circle of Friends
Circle of Friends supports women and their children as they transition from homelessness into independent living in the Kitchener-Waterloo community. A partnership with YWCA and many local volunteers.

Lazarus Rising
Lazarus Rising is an Anabaptist response to homelessness in Toronto. By walking with the poor on Toronto's streets, we hope to encounter the Jesus of "the least of these" and to put legs to Menno Simons' conviction that "true evangelical faith … clothes the naked, feeds the hungry, comforts the sorrowful, shelters the destitute."  

TOOLS is a transformative experience that combines opportunities for service along with space for learning and reflection around issues of poverty, homelessness, and marginalized people living in Toronto. It's about meeting Jesus in the people who live on the margins and in those who walk with them.

Poverty Advocacy in Queen's Park and beyond
MCC Ontario advocates for people in poverty by providing a clear voice before provincial government for those with whom we walk. We engage our constituency in awareness-raising activities and collaborate with many networks in advocating for a poverty free Ontario. The foundation for our efforts is the biblical vision for a society where no one lives in poverty and Christ's example of standing up for what is just in the political realm.


Greg deGroot-Maggetti
Poverty Program Coordinator