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The New 50 Kent

Our $4 million target has been reached! 

Let's celebrate community!

"A big thank you to all who have committed time and resources to Raising Hope at the new 50 Kent! With your generous support, we have created an active and welcoming space which has increased our capacity to respond to human need," says Rick Cober Bauman, Executive Director of MCC Ontario.

Through the generosity of the community, we’ve reached our $4 million minimum fundraising target while continuing regular programming. The remaining $8 million of a $12 million project will be financed through Thrift Shop revenues and lease payments.

When combined with equity and rental income, exceeding our minimum fundraising target of $4 million helps to grow MCC’s work by reducing borrowing costs on this $12 million project.

To donate:

  1. Click here, or call 1-800-313-6226
  2. Make monthly debits from your bank account by completing and submitting the Pre-Authorized Debit form here
  3. Make a pledge, by completing this form.


"Your financial support makes a difference today, tomorrow and for decades to come!" ~ Ron Mathies, Capital Campaign Chair

Caring for Creation: Sustainability at the new 50 Kent

As you an see from the video above, a lot of time and energy has been invested into making of the new 50 Kent creation friendly, a witness to our value of creation care through our choices related to:

  • Energy and lighting
  • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning
  • Water
  • Exterior cladding and insulation
  • Construction
  • Transportation

sustainability details at the new 50 Kent, check out this brochure.