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Pennies for Haiti!

Turn your pennies into green gold with MCC Ontario!

Put your pennies to work with MCC in Haiti

Though the penny’s days are numbered, there are ways to make a lasting impact with those few final cents. Turn your pennies into trees in Haiti by donating them at your local MCC thrift shop or Mennonite Savings and Credit Union (MSCU) branch.

Just 33 pennies are enough to purchase a seedling as well as provide the training and technical expertise to plant and care for the tree.

“Trees support vital community development in Haiti by restoring the natural environment, which remains a top priority even as the country rebuilds from the 2010 earthquake,” says Rick Cober Bauman, Executive Director of MCC Ontario.

To see an MCC tree nursery, watch this video created Josh and Marylynn Steckley who are currently serving in Haiti as community development coordinators:


With the third anniversary of the earthquake (January 12) occurring close to the last day of the penny’s distribution (February 4), this is a great way to continue to support the people of Haiti.  This special penny drive will wrap up on February 28, but you can drop off your pennies anytime. The usual Penny Power drive as part of the relief sales will happen again this spring too if you miss this opportunity!

For the latest update on MCC's response to the Haiti earthquake and the ongoing work being done there, please click here.


Help your pennies grow in Haiti!