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Interfaith Bridge Building

Abrahamic Peace Builders

We are members of the Abrahamic faith communities from all walks of life who come together to build bridges of understanding between us.

We don't claim to act as representatives for our communities, but each of us is grounded in our own faith and wiling to share our own journey to build mutual understanding.

Our shared journey began as a dialogue between the Mennonite and Muslim communities of Waterloo Region. After meeting for a number of years we decided to expand the group to include other Christians and the local Jewish community, seeking others interested in building bridges of peace.

We don't know where our journey is carrying us, but we have seen the power of getting to know each other and developing relationships of peace and understanding.

The group meets a minimum of six times per year in various locations around the Region of Waterloo, often over breakfast.

Intentionally making time to get to know each other and learn about our faith traditions creates opportunities for stories to be shared and for commonalities to emerge.

For more info, visit Abrahamic Peace Builders, or contact Wendy Adema at 519-745-8458.